Desecrated Bliss

The desecration of your smile

A time, a place, gone away

We stood outside, our heads held high

Now I stand, complete disgrace

We had walked through fields of love and dreams

Happiness came and as easily went

Within the cracks our light, it beamed

Then love was sundered, dried up, spent

Wreckage remains, the light’s burned out

Loves tragic gain

Masked in falsity, leaving no doubt

But simultaneously left none to blame

Empty silhouettes of memories follow

Seeking surreptitiously a place to grow

Sense of safety sends me running back to you

Rekindling the flame, a love renewed

So it seemed until time well spent

Showed our hearts beaten, broken, and bent

About Jason L. Troy

Film Enthusiast; Avid reader; Occasional writer; Pianist/Drummer; Runner
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