Postmodern Blues

Taking shelter in the comfort of our isolation,

we grasp closer for empathy and consolation over devotion and friendship.

Doing anything to get noticed instead of doing what we’re supposed to.

Creating manifestations of monsters on people’s faces,

not realizing we all make mistakes and

one wrong doesn’t define our place within the grand scheme.

We look for truth, but in all the wrong places.

Saying, “You’re white,” and “You’re black,” instead of the human race is


Sad we care more about how we look than how others feel.

Tearing at the seam just to feel something “real”.

Whether that realness is good or bad,

we make jokes and pick on others to make us feel glad

that me always comes first.

Never for better, but always for worse.

Naïveté shattered to the growing realization of a world of destruction, chaos, and mayhem.

All for one and one for all.

Searching for five minutes of fame,

people go to extremes so much now it’s becoming mundane.

A desensitizing exercise in how to not give a damn.

On the news we hear, “So and so is dead, they were shot.”

It happens so much now I almost forgot how it felt to care for the lost one,

One who was surely loved a lot.

It takes a fool to love, but an idiot to hate and I’d rather be the former than the latter before it’s too late to care again.

When we lose the last of our humanity and become the beast of the wild.

So go listen to music that moves your soul, read a book, or go for a stroll.

Better yet, masturbate.

Get your head out of your phone, iPod, tablet, or vodka straight and talk to a person.

Begin to alleviate the sobriety to our drunken sense of abhorrence.

Rather than get a gun and create a dark, twisted fate.

Life is short.

So fuck hate,

and fuck you

if you don’t love me and everyone else too.

About Jason L. Troy

Film Enthusiast; Avid reader; Occasional writer; Pianist/Drummer; Runner
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