Poem for a Sister

Inconsistent sleep.

Nightmares fill my head by day:

afraid of words they’ll say.


I sat silently with

metal pressed against skin.

Bump, bump, bump

came the song from my chest.

Harmony followed;

two hearts in place of one.

Months flew like a gentle breeze.

I had you and now her,

round belly and curved smile.

Elation and excitement with each passing day

at the thought of a full family.

But it wouldn’t last.

It couldn’t.

The nightmares returned.


A time of tranquility

where the whole world sleeps

except me.

Dreams are shattered by ruby stains

against hard porcelain.

A thud rings out

in the still water and I

fight the urge to both vomit and cry.

Silence hums as I stand


Harmony destroyed.

Two hearts no more,

just one, broken.

Luminous fluorescents blur my vision.

The doctor speaks,

but I hear nothing except the buzzing of a world slowed.

He finally arrives and they have to take her.

I know, but can’t let go.

I won’t.

And when we finally get home I close my eyes.

All I see is you:

Your tiny fingers and toes,

so frail.

Sleep comes in the midst of moistened cheeks

and bloodshot eyes.

Now time has gone and returned life

to some sense of normal.

Yet on cool autumn days,

where falling leaves trade their green skin for

the crackling hue of orange and yellow,

I find my thoughts returning to you with

unanswered questions.

And I cry.

But I know I forever have an angel

protecting me from above.

And I’ll see you once again

when one heart becomes two.

About Jason L. Troy

Film Enthusiast; Avid reader; Occasional writer; Pianist/Drummer; Runner
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