Unearthed Ecstasy

Your wet tongue pressed against my lips to yours.

A moment ago you and I

sat beneath the skies and heavens like immortals,

splashed upon this world to bring happiness, beauty, peace.

And love.

Embraced underneath the vast sky,

looking at each other

as if we’ve never seen such a specimen

so fine, so pure, so honest, so insecure.

We laugh.

Dear god, we laugh.

 But why?

Why do we laugh?

Not because we are uncomfortable.


We are unbelievably comfortable.

A comfort only feathered pillows could fathom.

A comfort that leaves you numb, wanting more.

Like an orgasm, placed in the deepest caverns of your mind.

And I penetrate.

Into your heart, your soul, your spirit.

Forever grateful

for the chance to seize this moment.

To freeze it, hold on to it, care for it.

And I smile.

Like a parent seeing their newborn

cry its first cry

for no reason other than instinctive reaction;

an entire life awaiting.

 And as I reach towards you

I begin to think.

How did this moment pass?

When time froze, and you and I were the only two left

in a world of strife, terror, madness, and hate.

But most of all,


And I smile.

About Jason L. Troy

Film Enthusiast; Avid reader; Occasional writer; Pianist/Drummer; Runner
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