The Encumbrances We Face

Life is plagued by challenges.
Each day we make decisions ultimately affecting our future.
Certain days, weeks, and months feel like an eternity.
One you cannot escape, one that won’t get better.
At times we are lost.  At times we are scared.  At times we are unsure.  And we all, from time to time, succumb to the encumbrances we face.

It is our handling of these burdens where we come out better, stronger people.
Learn from these experiences.
Tackle your problems a step at a time.
Everything doesn’t need to be fixed in a single day.  In fact, not everything can be.
Create small, precise goals to accomplish instead of weighing yourself down with one broad goal.  Never be one thing, be many.
Find passions that bring joy to your life.  Hold them tight.  We must fight everyday for the things that matter most to us.  You are one of those things to me.

So, in conclusion:
Cheer up.  Stay naïve.  Retain your optimism.  Smile often.  Love intensely.  Sit outside and read a book.  Sing songs with your friends.  Life is too short and goes too quickly to live negatively.  Love every moment you’re here because, hey, you’re alive, and that’s a pretty remarkable thing.

About Jason L. Troy

Film Enthusiast; Avid reader; Occasional writer; Pianist/Drummer; Runner
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