Star Realms


This fun little deckbuilder game was recently recommended to me.  Safe to say I’m completely addicted now (yes, I did buy the physical copy and the app).  Go check it out.  No dropping hundreds of extra dollars for better cards or spending hours having to build a deck — I’m looking at you, Magic the Gathering.  Everyone starts with the same cards and you take it from there, making every game an equal chance for both participants.  Also, it’s easy enough to learn and has a speedy play structure.  And if you’re willing to cough up a little extra for two starter decks you can play with up to four people!

Now ride, my fellow compadres, to the local game shop or local amazon store!  Pick up your copy today and have an out of this world experience (yay puns!).

About Jason L. Troy

Film Enthusiast; Avid reader; Occasional writer; Pianist/Drummer; Runner
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